Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Im a guy with a pretty full plate.  I love my job and family and spend a lot of time with both.  Most play time is based around things the family can do.  I also LOVE endurance-based stuff like long days in the mountains.  With limited time to train for such stuff, I want to maximize the training time I have and maximize what I can accomplish with limited opportunities to get after it.  A sustainable workout plan and the right gear are two critical components.  My Gear page here lays out what Im using most of the time.  Workouts are under revision.  Ill discuss that in another post.  For now, I wanted to just put out there where Im coming from so no one takes any posts here the wrong way.  Im no bad ass.  Im competent, relatively fit and experienced.  Im just trying to cull the best ideas for the everyman/woman and put them down where others may benefit from them without all the hunting around Ive done.
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