Monday, March 21, 2016

The tools of the corn harvesting trade!
I love spring skiing. Mainly because Im a lonely chicken. No one skis on race gear in my county but me so Im often alone. No big deal, I run alone most of the time in the summer and like being alone in the mountains with my thoughts. However, because of the threat of avy danger I stick to a handful of safe locations for my training excursions for most of the winter. With a stable spring snowpack the possibilities open up!

I had spied this couloir on my Spring(ish) Fun trip and wanted to check it out. My friends knew of only one person to have skied it although it undoubtedly gets skied once in a blue moon (so few motivated skiers around here!). Once again, this is crazy because it's like 2 miles and 2.7k vert from the car to the top of this thing! Crazy. Anyway, it is a compelling line that begged to be skied.
"Come closer so I can see you my dear..."

Yep, it cried out to be skied before those pesky rocks melted out any more. I was alone and out for just a few free hours so figured Id just get done what I could in a safe manner. This was just warming up at noon and when I got to the bottom it was time to whip out the crampons, standard spring kid for sure. The ascent was super secure and firm snow, a real pleasure after postholing for months! It never got to the 50 degree realm except the very top where it was handy but not necessary to have the whippet for the last move topping out.

Then it was time to log my position on the DeLorme InReach Explorer (aka "get out of jail free card" - "Dont worry, honey, you will know right where I am the whole time!"), smap a picture and hit it!

The snow was really good and steep enough to keep you engaged but also psyched. Super fun! However, just because Im a chicken it was nice having a means of self arresting if necessary. On my way out I ran into my friends Deb and Steve returning from their own adventure and skied a few little powder stashes- great fun!
 It is fun getting out and seeing new terrain and getting it done on some light gear. Just dont forget to add a few spring specific tools to the kit so you can do it safely!

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