Friday, February 13, 2015

OK, so I was catching up on the blogs I follow and came across this great one by Steve Magness ( on why uncertainty in workouts is important to build race resiliency. He actually wrote in in Runners World and it can be accessed here.

The quote that sums it all up is:

"A February 2014 paper in Sports Medicine that focuses on the decision-making process in self-paced endurance competitions says it is during periods of uncertainty that we are most susceptible to giving in to pain and slowing down."

The rest of the article is worth reading for 2 reasons. Maybe three. First, many of us are runners so there are multiple benefits to learning from an accomplished and articulate running data junkie like this guy. Second, the final "uncertainty workout" looks like it would be super fun to do in skimo training but with different skintracks, descents, or in area options. Kind of like a skimo Dungeons and Dragons??? I was never in to that stuff but the analogy seems to fit in a weird way (skimo and D&D folks dress funny, dont have much of a sun tan on their legs...OK Im reaching). Third, the article is short and we all have stuff to do like earn a living and squeeze in a workout.

Anyway, enjoy!


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