Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just some things that we should all double check as the first race of the season approaches. Wolf Creek Pass 21 November. 46" base, 22" of which were from the last storm early this week!

  • Skin glue. Ive seen too many people in the early season on the side of the skin track, blown skin in hand. Dont be that person! Wolf Creek will have a lot of kick turns and good glue is important! Just adding a little Black Diamond Gold Label should do the trick most of the time!
  • Ski wax and edge maintenance. If you didnt go over your skis last year, get it done!
  • Packing list. No one reading this blog is probably a 1st place contender so no mandatory gear checks for us but there are some essentials you probably want to have like duck tape, torx driver, power strap and TP (plus a bag or two). I have been stymied multiple times by not having that darn screwdriver. Luckily it was when trying to help others but Im sure my time is coming!
  • Goggles. Get the dust out.
  • Avy beacon. Put in some new batteries and TEST AND RECORD ITS RANGE so you can see if its antenna is degrading over time.
  • Boot liners. Glue them back together if they are starting to deteriorate using shoe goo.
  • Pack. Is it falling apart? Race packs are pretty flimsy and it sucks to have one fail in a race, trust me!
What else have I missed?


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